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The idea for Prosperous Planet was born in 2018. The driving force was dual: a strong belief that the business sector, under the right conditions, will be able to play a pivotal role in the quest for global sustainability and a conviction about the huge untapped potential for sustainable business development in the Anthropocene.

At Prosperous Planet we see it as our mission to facilitate transformative journeys for clients, helping them to discover how to develop their companies in a way that has a truly positive impact, on people and the planet. Knowing that deep and lasting change rarely happens in response to external recommendations but must come from within, we see our role as that of a smart travel companion, who can provide new science-based perspectives and a state of the art innovations process, for companies who are about to embark on their own Anthropocene journeys.

Meet our team

The team at Prosperous Planet has a unique combination of cutting-edge competencies, ranging from deep insights from the sustainability science frontier, to leading theories and tools from innovation management, to the latest thinking on leadership and organizational change. If our approach sounds interesting to you, please stop by for a coffee at Tulegatan 30 and tell us about your project.

Elin Enfors-Kautsky

Sustainability Expert, Founder & CEO

Prosperous Planet is founded and led by Dr. Elin Enfors-Kautsky. Elin is an expert on the sustainability challenges of the Anthropocene. She has spent over ten years working as an academic researcher at the international sustainability science frontier, which led her to develop the Delta model. At this point in her career Elin is wholeheartedly focusing on transforming the business sector from within and building a Prosperous Planet.


Erik Söderberg

Business Strategist, Founder & CFO

Erik is an experienced management consultant and entrepreneur. Erik oversees the strategic development of Prosperous Planet, in parallel to his role as CFO.


Liene Leimanis Bartlett

Organizational Change, Partner & COO

Liene is an experienced facilitator and leadership coach. At Prosperous Planet Liene designs collaborative processes that enable the organizational change needed for companies to address complex problems and thrive in the Anthropocene.


Rebecca Prytz


Rebecca is a seasoned business development professional. Her focus is comprehending customer motivations and translating those insights into sustainable business growth. With a background in communication, Rebecca has excelled as both a management consultant and executive. At Prosperous Planet, she evaluates business potential to create enduring strategies while simplifying complex concepts for effective communication.


Emelie Delphin

Sustainability Analyst

Emelie holds an MSc in Sustainability Science from Stockholm Resilience Centre. During the past years, she has both been engaged in climate research and worked as a climate- and sustainability strategist. At Prosperous Planet Emelie’s role is to dive in deep and analyze complex social-ecological problems from different angles and perspectives in order to help our clients identify and develop new business opportunities in the Anthropocene.


Bianca Whitcher

Sustainability Analyst

Motivated by society’s challenges, Bianca draws upon her multidisciplinary background in sustainable societal development and political science to develop strategic, collaborative, and innovative solutions. She has experience in innovation, policy development, collaboration, and research. Bianca works across several phases of projects at Prosperous Planet, including research and analysis, developing sustainability strategies, and implementation.


Rasmus Lundvik

Sustainability Analyst

Rasmus has multiple years of experience in management consulting and is passionate about helping companies discover sustainable business opportunities. He draws from his experience in business development, strategy, and sustainability to solve complex problems together with our clients, leading to tangible impact tailored to the Anthropocene.


Fabian Sandegård

Sustainability Analyst

With experience in management consulting alongside designing data-driven sustainability solutions, Fabian finds value in bolstering business strategies with concrete and viable tools that assist companies in realising their sustainability goals. Fabian’s academic background in Industrial Engineering and Energy Systems has also helped him form a substantial basis for analysing and tackling the complex problems of the Anthropocene.


Nikos Jordan

Marketing & Communications Strategist

With a background in international studies, sustainable development, and digital management, Nikos translates the latest scientific information informing Prosperous Planet’s insights to the business world. Nikos creates and implements marketing, brand, content, and communication strategies while reflecting Prosperous Planet’s values in a creative and scientific manner.


Olav Törnblom

Head of Sales & Business Development

Olav is a trained media engineer at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) with 20 years of experience in IT, media, and digital marketing communications. He is a committed and ambitious entrepreneur who for 15 years ran a gamification company with several of Sweden's largest companies as clients. Olav is looking forward to engage in conversations about your business opportunities in the Anthropocene.



Sustainability Analyst, Strategist, Business Developer, a great person…

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