What we want to achieve

At Prosperous Planet, we are convinced that the business sector will play a pivotal role in the quest for global sustainability. We see it as our mission to facilitate this journey for our clients. Knowing that deep and lasting change rarely happens in response to external recommendations but must come from within, we see our role as that of a smart travel companion, who can provide new science-based perspectives, a state-of the art work process, and concrete tools for companies who are about to embark on their own Anthropocene journeys.

If our approach sounds useful to you, stop by for a coffee and tell us about your project.

Elin Enfors-Kautsky, Founder and CEO

Prosperous Planet is founded and led by Dr. Elin Enfors-Kautsky. Elin is an expert on the sustainability challenges of the Anthropocene. She has spent over ten years working as an academic researcher at the international sustainability science frontier, which led her to develop the Delta model. At this point in her career Elin is wholeheartedly focusing on transforming the business sector from within and building a Prosperous Planet.

Jesper Stenmark, Head of customer relations

The responsibility for this role is to make Prosperous Planet grow, expand and conquer new markets organically, yet strategically, by making sure that we understand – on a deep level – what our clients really need.

I have the responsibility to develop the sales and marketing process for Prosperous Planet. I also work with different analytics tasks within our offer.

Erik Söderberg, Head of strategy

Erik is an experienced management consultant and CFO, with a passion for growing new companies so that they thrive. His expert way of abstracting, modeling and communicating complex problems in simple ways helps Prosperous Planet  navigate safely across the oceans towards new, exciting an unchartered territory.

We are hiring!

Are you an expert facilitator of collaborative change processes? Do you have a deep interest in sustainability and like the challenge of addressing complex and wicked problems? We are currently expanding our core team and look for people with exceptional talent and passion for change management. Contact us for more information if you want to join us in building a Prosperous Planet!