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Strategic guidance for business development in the Anthropocene

Whether you are a start-up, a Fortune 500 company, or somewhere in between, we will help you understand and frame your business challenge, identify innovative solutions, and facilitate the change that you need to realize your Anthropocene potential.

Each company and each challenge are unique. A few examples of what we can provide are:

Regenerative business development

  • Implementation of the Delta model


  • Macro-trend analysis to uncover new business opportunities in the Anthropocene
  • Risk analysis – the Anthropocene presents a range of new and unpredictable risks, due to environmental factors as well as social and technological change
  • Focused analysis on specific sustainability issues such as climate, waste, products, packaging, certifications and supply chains

Strategy & advice

  • Strategy and visioning for a sustainable business model
  • Support for strategy implementation through, for example, development of roadmaps and new innovative KPIs
  • Creation and quality assurance of communication materials

Structural support

  • System support for monitoring holistic business intelligence
  • Embedded process for innovation, reflection practice, and deep organisational learning

Product & service development

  • Cultivating the ecosystem of actors necessary to bring planet-positive products and services to the market
  • Piloting of planet-positive MVPs
  • Strategic support for scaling up, and scaling out

Capacity building

  • Lectures & seminars on the Anthropocene
  • Coaching & upskilling of leaders, individuals, and teams to create conditions for growth
  • Inspiration & capacity building among partners and suppliers in the ecosystem
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