Happy clients tell their story

At Prosperous Planet, we are convinced that the business sector will play a pivotal role in the quest for global sustainability. We see it as our mission to facilitate this journey for our clients. Knowing that deep and lasting change rarely happens in response to external recommendations but must come from within, we see our role as that of a smart travel companion, who can provide new science-based perspectives, a state-of the art work process, and concrete tools for companies who are about to embark on their own Anthropocene journeys.

Below are the words from some of our clients.

Malin Eklund

Sustainability Director Reitan Convenience Sweden (Franchise holder for Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven)

“Prosperous Planet has opened up our eyes to the Anthropocene, they have changed how we think about sustainability, and they have helped us see the business opportunities that the right kind of sustainability work open up. As a consequence, sustainability considerations are now at the core of our business model.

Prosperous Planet has a unique combination of skills in that they both have cutting edge knowledge in contemporary sustainability issues and a deep understanding of business development in the Anthropocene. This made it an easy choice for us at Reitan Convenience Sweden to select Prosperous Planet as our advisors on this journey of change that we have started.”