The Anthropocene – a game changer for all business

This used to be a small world on a big planet. But recently things have changed. In just two generations this has developed into a big world on a small planet. We now live in the Anthropocene – the geological era of humankind. This is a game changer for all business.

With change and challenges there is not only risk, but also opportunity. For the frontrunners, who realize that the Anthropocene is here to stay, and who understand why sustainability now is a prerequisite for success, new possibilities to gain competitive advantage are now opening up.

The new context

What we want to achieve

The idea for Prosperous Planet was born in 2018. The driving force was dual: a strong belief that the business sector, under the right conditions, will be able to play a pivotal role in the quest for global sustainability and a conviction about the huge untapped potential for sustainable business development in the Anthropocene.

At Prosperous Planet we see it as our mission to facilitate transformative journeys for clients, helping them to discover how to develop their companies in a way that has a truly positive impact, on people and the planet. Knowing that deep and lasting change rarely happens in response to external recommendations but must come from within, we see our role as that of a smart travel companion, who can provide new science-based perspectives and a state of the art innovations process, for companies who are about to embark on their own Anthropocene journeys.

Our services

We help our clients identify where the business opportunities beyond ”break-even sustainability” lies.

Based on the Delta model, we provide a range of services in trend analysis, strategy, and organizational change management, guiding our clients on an innovation journey where they figure out how to contribute to solving the global grand challenges that humanity faces today, in ways that can drive their revenue.

Our services

A science-based model for business transformation

At Prosperous Planet we have developed the state-of-the-art Delta model, consisting of a theoretical framework and an innovation process that helps companies unlock their own Anthropocene potential.

The Delta model weaves together the latest insights from the sustainability science frontier, with cutting edge thinking on innovation in business development, and the most current theories on organizational change management. The result is as unique as it is powerful.

About the Delta model


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Malin Eklund

Sustainability director reitan convenience sweden (franchise holder for Pressbyrån and 7-eleven)

“Prosperous Planet has opened up our eyes to the Anthropocene, they have changed how we think about sustainability, and they have helped us see the business opportunities that the right kind of sustainability work open up. As a consequence, sustainability considerations are now at the core of our business model.

Prosperous Planet has a unique combination of skills in that they both have cutting edge knowledge in contemporary sustainability issues and a deep understanding of business development in the Anthropocene. This made it an easy choice for us at Reitan Convenience Sweden to select Prosperous Planet as our advisors on this journey of change that we have started.”


Ludvig Liljeqvist

Global sustainability insight & innovation leader, ingka (IKEA) group

“Prosperous Planet has given us a deeper understanding of how resilience relates to sustainability. They have also helped us appreciate how useful systems approaches can be, both to deal with the complexity of the world today and to navigate our own changing business context. Prosperous Planet’s expertise on the subject truly represents the forefront in this field today.”

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