The Anthropocene changes everything

Over the past 70 years we have gone from being a small world on a big planet to becoming a big world on a small planet. We live in a new era, the Anthropocene, or the age of humans. At the same time as we on an aggregate level are better off than ever before, we face unprecedented social and environmental challenges.

The Anthropocene changes everything, for everyone, everywhere – shifting sustainability from a peripheral concern that only some companies have been engaged with, to a prerequisite for success for everyone. The disruption underway is as important as the industrial revolution once was, and will bring about immense business opportunities for the front runners.

Our services

Based on the Delta model, Properous Planet provides a range of services in education and training, trend analysis, strategy, and organizational change management for forward-looking business leaders and companies who want to explore where the deep leverage points are located for changing their own course are and unlocking their Anthropocene-potential.

A science-based model for business transformation

At Prosperous Planet we have developed the state-of-the-art Delta model to help companies navigate towards a sustainable and long-term prosperous business future in the Anthropocene.

Synthesizing the latest insights from the sustainability science frontier and the most current theories on organizational change management, the Delta model provides a new perspective, a comprehensive process, and a concrete toolbox. The model helps business leaders grapple with the complexity of our world today. So they better find where critical risks are hiding, as well as where tomorrow’s opportunities will appear.