Strategic guidance for business development in the Anthropocene

Based on the Delta model, we provide a range of services within education & training, trend analyses, strategy development, and organizational change management.

We help our clients move away from the focus on regulatory compliance and reporting, which often dominate companies’ sustainability work today, guding them on an innovation journey where they identify their business opportunities beyond ”break-even sustainability”.

Each company and each challenge are unique. A few examples of what we can provide are:

Consultancy services

    • Macro-trend analysis – understanding risks and opportunities in the Anthropocene
    • Strategy development to unlock the Anthropocene potential
    • Analysis of the opportunity context for organizational system change
    • Coaching the implementation of the Delta innovation process

Education and training services

    • Welcome to the Anthropocene – looking at the world through a new lens
    • Business development beyond break-even – why the right kind of sustainability work pays off
    • The Delta innovation process – navigating change towards a prosperous future
    • Get ready for the transformative journey – how to capacitate a team of innovative change agents